Introductory Article to Spring Thermocouple

Introductory Article to Spring Thermocouple

The sensor probes of spring-loaded thermocouples are made of a metal or alloy sheath and a spring. This is one of the most important types of mineral-insulated thermocouples. It has a spring that helps the process and the tip makes good contact. This positive contact will help speed up the sensor’s response time and give a more accurate temperature reading. We are a well-known Armor thermocouple manufacturer.

Advantages of Spring Thermocouple:

Therm-x makes spring-loaded thermocouples that are used in many different industries. They also work perfectly in applications that use gas or a vacuum. These thermocouples are better than other types because they have the following features.

  • When used with thermowells, the spring-loaded tip and threaded bushing make for a close fit and repeatability.
  • Our spring-loaded thermocouples come with two different types of protection heads, so they can meet a wide range of sizes and environmental needs.
  • The high integrity of these mineral-insulated thermocouple sensors makes them a good choice for a wide range of temperatures.
  • Both the pressure on the head of these spring-loaded assemblies and the pressure around the probe are the same. This helps make sure that the pressure on both sides is equal. There are many Spring thermocouple manufacturer around but you need to find the best for yourself. 
Introductory Article to Spring Thermocouple


We can make these MI thermocouples to fit the needs of your application. They have a spring-loaded terminal block that makes it easy to connect them to any terminal head. Here are a few things about our customization services.

Threads Used in Making Thermocouples:

Spring-loaded thermocouples are made with threaded spring-loaded bushings that work well in all situations.

They come in J, K, and T calibrations and we can sheath them in either 316 SS or Inconel 600. The sheath diameters are.125° and.062°. We can also make them in types besides J, K, and T if you want.

On request, the type K thermocouple wire can have different error limits put on it.

Both the hole for the extension wire and the thread on the spring-loaded probe are 1/2 NPT.

You can get these thermocouples with ungrounded, grounded, or exposed thermocouple junctions.

You can buy these thermocouples with a spring in non-sealed versions that work great for thermowells.

We also give you the following with these thermocouples:

  • Helium leak tested
  • Bendable
  • Optional calibration
  • Passivated
  • Electroplated
  • Clean room in a box

Uses of Spring Thermocouple:

You can often use our thermocouples with a spring in the following industries:

  • The oil and gas business
  • Chemical and petroleum companies
  • Power and other services
  • Paper and pulp
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • Lab work and studying
  • Medical devices
  • Nuclear power plants

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