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L shape heating element for mould

L shape heating element for mould

IN L shape heating element for mould
Investor Name:
Allen ze
Published Date:
April 8, 2003
About Project

L shape heating element for mould

Keywords:  L shape heater,heating element,mould heater,high density heater,,high power heater

The cartridge heater is a high-quality seamless metal tube, with electrothermal alloy wire (nichrome wire, ferrochrome wire) evenly twined around the the central axis in the tube. The gap in it is compactly filled with oxydic magnesia with fine insulativity and thermal conductivity, and the nozzle is sealed with silica gel or ceramics. This kind of metal armored electrothermal element has the function of heating gases, molds and a variety of liquids.

Delivery Time:  3-7days

Minimum Order Quantity:  10

FOB Price (USD): 5-10 usd