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High-Quality Band Heater Seller In China

Cheri Electrothermal Equipment Limited, based in Xinghua, China, was founded in 2003. We have evolved ourselves from a small family workshop to a huge corporation today, thanks to our 20 years of experience in this industry. Our company’s business specializes in producing heating components for 3D printers, mold equipment, and CO2 regulators, in addition to the products of the company. Cheri Electrothermal Equipment Limited is China’s best-selling band heater provider and band heater seller, with a 3000 square meter facility. 

Why Choose Us as Your Band Heater Provider?

We have always been appreciated by our customers in China and abroad. Cheri Electrothermal Equipment Limited does not compromise on quality since we value that our product’s quality is a representation of our organization. We, as a band heater supplier, among other things, manufacture heating components for 3D printers, CO2 regulators, and molding machines. And because we are a customer-focused band heater provider in China, we can offer a number of advantages.

Qualities of Our Brand Heater

  • Safe For Wiring Purposes

We manufacture and deliver band heaters that are absolutely safe for wiring purposes. You do not need to be worried about the safety measures as we are your reliable band heater seller.

  • Maintaining a Consistent Temperature

You can easily prevent waste for your company by using our band heater. Because as your band heater provider or band heater supplier, we make sure that it can efficiently maintain a consistent temperature.

  • Many Applications

The common applications of band heaters include holding tanks, drum heating, vending machines, hot runner molding machines, plastic extruders, etc. And this is why you must choose us as your band heater seller.

In addition to this, if you are looking for an RTD Sensor, we are here to cater to you as an RTD sensor supplier.

Product NameBrass band heater
Material Brass
Max working temperature300-400 centigrade
Resistance Wire TypeNiCr 80/20
Band ConstructionOne-piece or Two-Piece
Gap Locking Mechanism TypeFlange, Barrel Nuts, or None
Lead Exit PositionStandard or Customized
Termination StyleStandard lead, Screw terminal;    2-Pin Euro Plug or 3-Pin Euro Plug
Holes availabilityCustomer- Design
Notches availabilityCustomer- Design
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