Finned Tubular Heater

Product categoryFinned heating tube
Tube Diameter(mm)On demand customization
Sheath Material(Stainless Steel)201/304 (Fin Material Aluminum/Stainless steel)
UsageIndustrial Oven/Hot hair dryer.
Thread specificationM10/12/16/20/24/27/30.etc.


Air Finned tubular heater

Air duct electric finned tubular heater is constructed like basic tubular elements with the addition of continuous spiral fins, 4-5 per inch permanently furnace brazed to the sheath. Fins greatly increase surface area and permit faster heat transfer to air, resulting in lower surface element temperatures.

World Class Finned Tubular Heater

Applications requiring the forced convective heating of gasses or air at low to medium temperatures frequently use finned tubular heater. The heating elements in heaters are tubular and have fins made of aluminum steel that are brazed, crimped, or welded to the sheath. Since fins significantly enhance surface area and allow for a faster rate of heat transfer to air, they are more efficient than tubular heaters since higher wattage levels may be achieved in the same flow area.

Tubular heater keeps element surface temperatures lower, extending heater life, thanks to an enhanced heat transfer rate. At high air velocities, mechanically attached continuous fins assist reduce fin vibration and guarantee optimal heat transfer.

These industrial heating solutions are among the most widely used heaters and are ideal for a wide range of applications, including convection, radiation, and conduction for air conditioners, drying cabinets, stoves, and industrial ovens. They may be formed into a wide variety of intricate and unusual shapes and are utilized in almost all industrial environments up to around 750°C (1382°F). Finned heaters are incredibly durable, require very little upkeep, and have cheap initial expenses.

Beneficial Features Of Finned Tubular Heater

  • Finned tubular heaters offer flexible and proficient warming arrangements, portrayed by their upgraded surface region and intensity move effectiveness.
  • In a variety of industrial applications, the finned design ensures uniform and rapid heating.
  • These radiators succeed in conditions requiring higher watt densities, giving expanded warm execution and strength.
  • Finned heaters are appropriate for air and gas warming, process air warming, and drying applications, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Their vigorous development and capacity to endure high temperatures make them ideal for modern cycles requiring dependable and effective warming with exact temperature control.

The Best Finned Tubular Heater Manufacturer

Pick the Cheri Electrothermal, the best finned tubular heater manufacturer, or Gas pipeline heater for predominant warming arrangements. Our mastery lies in making top-quality radiators intended for effectiveness and sturdiness. With trend-setting innovation and thorough quality control, we offer dependable and custom-made warming arrangements, engaging ventures with exact and productive warming abilities.

Finned Tubular Heater Finned Tubular Heater Finned Tubular Heater

Finned Tubular Heater Finned Tubular Heater Finned Tubular Heater Finned Tubular Heater Finned Tubular Heater


  • Can Finn​ed Tubular Heaters be customized?

    Yes, these heaters can be customized based on specific heating requirements, including varying lengths, diameters, wattages, voltage, and fin configurations, to suit diverse applications.

  • Are Finn​ed Tubular Heaters easy to install?

    Yes, these heaters are relatively easy to install, especially when designed with standard fittings for simple integration into existing systems or equipment.

  • What are the common applications of Finn​ed Tubular Heaters?

    Finn​ed Tubular Heaters are utilized in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Common uses include heating air in HVAC systems, drying ovens, industrial process heating, food industry equipment, and packaging machinery.