Hot runner heater

Industrial injection hot runner coil heater heating element is compacted for faster and efficient heat transfer. Generally the long 20-3000mm, spring heating ring external using high-quality Ni-Cr steel tube, the internal use of high purity magnesium oxide, high-temperature resistance wire.

With high working temperature, fast heating,uniform heating precision, long service life, can be automatically controlled area, high thermal conduction, while internal heating material damage, external can be reused. The heaters are annealed to acquire malleability for bending into any shape. Hot runner heaters with built-in thermocouple are also available.

Sheath MaterialCr Ni-SteelThermocoupleJ-type(standard); K-type
Insulation MaterialMgOLength Tolerance(straight)5%
Resistance WireNiCr 80-20Wattage Tolerance5%
ThermocoupleJ-type; K-typeResistance Tolerance5%
Max. Sheath Temperature650°CUnheated Length35mm(standard)
Die Electrical Strength800V A/C 

Dimensional Tolerance

Coil I.D + 0.1~0.2mm
Insulation>5MWCoil length +1mm

Universe Of Hot Runner Heater

Welcome to our universe of Hot runner heater, where accuracy meets productivity in giving top-quality warming answers for different ventures. As a recognized maker, we have practical experience in creating elite execution runner heaters intended to enhance infusion shaping cycles.

Hot runner heater assumes an essential part in infusion shaping frameworks, guaranteeing exact and uniform warming to work with the consistent progression of liquid materials into molds. Our radiators are carefully designed utilizing state-of-the-art innovation and premium materials, ensuring prevalent execution and sturdiness.

With our cutting-edge technology, we offer a far-reaching scope of hot runner custom-made to meet different industry needs. Whether it’s curl warmers, complex radiators, spout radiators, or specially crafted arrangements, our items are intended to endure high temperatures and unforgiving working circumstances while conveying predictable and dependable execution.

Leading Hot Runner Heater Manufacturer in China

We are aware of how important hot runner heaters are in injection molding, we carefully craft our products like self regulating heating cable to ensure the best heat distribution and temperature control. They upgrade the embellishment interaction by decreasing process durations, limiting material waste, and guaranteeing exact trim results.

To assist customers in selecting the ideal hot runner heater for their particular applications, our expert team is dedicated to providing individualized solutions and comprehensive technical support. We offer cutting-edge heating solutions that improve injection molding processes and place a high value on customer satisfaction and dependability.

Collaborate with us for an excellent Hot runner heater that ensures productive and exact warming in infusion shaping tasks. Experience the dependability, solidness, and accuracy of our radiators, designed to raise your creation processes and convey steady, proficient, and great embellishment results.

Hot runner heater


  • How does a hot runner heater function?

    An injection molding system’s heating element is called a hot runner heater. It’s coordinated into the shape’s sprinter framework to keep an exact and controlled temperature for the liquid material. These warmers guarantee the even progression of material into the form holes, improving the nature of shaped parts.

  • What are the benefits of involving a hot runner heater in infusion forming?

    Hot sprinter warmers offer a few advantages, including decreased process durations, limited material waste, and worked on part quality. They wipe out the requirement for sprue and sprinter frameworks, empowering more proficient and practical creation by keeping up with steady temperatures inside the shape.

  • How would I choose the right hot runner heater for my infusion shaping cycle?

    Picking the proper hot runner heater includes considering factors like the material being formed, the size and calculation of the shape, required temperature profiles, and functional circumstances. Consulting with experts can help determine the ideal heater type, size, and configuration tailored to your specific molding requirements.