k/e/j/t/n type thermocouple

Thermocouple of type K Description:

K type of thermocouples are very simple and durable temperature sensors. Thermocouple come with different pairings of materials allowing for a very wide range of applications. The different compositions are standardized into thermocouple types. The different types are given letter names which are standardized across the industry. K type of thermocouples are manufactured in many different configurations for multitude of applications. Diameters, lengths, sheath material, lead lengths and sensor material are just a few of the variables that go into determining the style of thermocouple when manufactured. The main determining factors of what type thermocouple needs to be used in a application is temperature, environment, response time and accuracy. The junction of the thermocouple can be grounded, ungrounded or exposed. K type of thermocouples are easy to use, Thermocouples are the most popular temperature sensors. They are cheap, interchangeable, have standard connectors and can measure Thermocouples and RTD pt100 sensors a wide range of temperatures.


Type of thermocouple to choose:

Product Conductor material Type Graduation Use temperature°C(short time) Use temperature°C
Thermocouple PtRh30-Ptrh6 WRR B 0-1800°C 0-1600°C
PtRh10-Pt WRP R 0-1600°C 0-1300°C
PtRh13-Pt WRB S 0-1600°C 0-1300°C
NiCrSi-NiSi WRM N 0-1000°C 0-1000°C
NiCr-NiAl(Si) WRN K 0-1200°C 0-900°C
NrCr-constantan WRE E 0-700°C 0-600°C
Iron- Constantan WRF T 0-600°C 0-500°C
Copper-Constantan WRC J 0-400°C 0-350°C
Thermal resistance Copper heat resistance Cu50 -50-150°C
Cu100 -50-150°C
PT100 -200-600°C


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  • Where are armor thermocouples commonly used?

    They are frequently employed in industries such as petrochemical, manufacturing, aerospace, and power generation, where temperature measurements need to be taken in harsh or extreme conditions.

  • How accurate are armor thermocouples?

    The accuracy of an armor thermocouple depends on various factors, including the type of thermocouple material, calibration, and environmental conditions. Generally, they offer good accuracy within their specified temperature ranges.

  • Are there different types of armor thermocouples?

    Yes, armor thermocouples come in various configurations and materials to suit different applications. Common types include mineral-insulated (MI) cables, stainless steel armor, and different thermocouple material combinations (e.g., Type K, Type J, Type T).