Pipeline heater

Applicable Industries

Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Farms, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Weight: 250 KG

Warranty: 1 Year

Material: Stainless steel

Key Selling Points: Energy saving

Condition: New

Brand Name: Cheri

Dimension(L*W*H): 1250*285*585

Working Temperature Range: 0 – 600 ℃

Warranty of core components: 1 Year

Core Components: Heating elements

Product name: pipeline heater

Voltages available: 110V-600V

Power: 5KW-1000KW

Heating medium: liquid or gas

Material: Carbon Steel or stainless steel

After-sales Service Provided: Online Support

Sheath material: Carbon Steel or stainless steel

Working temperature: 0-600C

Heating method: Electric heating

Packaging: Wooden package

The pipeline heater is an energy-saving equipment that preheats the heating medium. It is installed before the heating medium equipment to directly heat the medium, so that it can circulate heating at high temperatures, and finally achieve the purpose of saving energy. It is widely used in the pre-heating of fuel oil such as heavy oil, asphalt, and clear oil. The pipeline heater is composed of a body and a control system. The heating element is made of seamless stainless steel pipe as a protective sleeve, high temperature resistance alloy wire and high-purity crystalline magnesium oxide powder, processed by a compression process, and the control part adopts advanced digital Circuits, integrated circuit triggers, etc. constitute an adjustable temperature measurement and constant temperature system to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater.

Features: 1. Heat efficient is more than 95% 2. Vertical type pipeline heater covers a small area but has a height requirement. The horizontal type covers a large area but has no height requirement. 3. The materials of pipeline heater are: carbon steel, stainless steel SUS304, stainless steel SUS316L, stainless steel 310S, etc. Choose suitable materials according to different heating process requirements. 4. Pipeline heaters are heated by flanged electric tubes and equipped with professionally designed deflectors to ensure that the electric heating tube generates heat evenly and the heating medium fully absorbs heat. 5. For high temperature requirements (the temperature of the air outlet is greater than 600 degrees), use a high temperature resistant stainless steel 310S electric radiation heating tube for heating, and the temperature of the air outlet can reach 800 ℃.


Leading Gas Pipeline Heater Supplier In China

Gas Pipeline Heater play a basic part in guaranteeing the predictable stream and respectability of gasses in pipelines, particularly in colder environments or locales inclined to frigid temperatures. As a main maker of gas pipeline warmers, we work on giving dependable and productive warming answers for shield pipeline tasks.

Our Pipeline electric heater is fastidious and designed to forestall gas stream disturbances brought about by low temperatures. These warmers use inventive warming innovations custom-fitted to keep up with the necessary temperature limits inside pipelines, forestalling gas buildup, or hydrate development that could obstruct the stream.

As the leading Gas Pipeline Heater Supplier, we provide heaters that are made with a focus on quality and performance in mind. They are built to last and use less energy, and they can be used with a variety of sizes and configurations of pipelines. Cheri Electrothermal offers uniform and controlled warming, guaranteeing ideal activity and limiting potential dangers related to temperature varieties.

Choose Us As Your Pipeline Electric Heater Provider

We adhere to strict industry standards and utilize cutting-edge heating solutions, giving safety and dependability top priority. Our Pipeline Heaters are outfitted with temperature control components and protection, giving predictable and reliable execution even in testing conditions.

Besides, our master group offers extensive specialized help, directing clients in choosing the most appropriate warming arrangements custom-made to their particular pipeline necessities. Whether for flammable gas, oil, or different glasses, our heaters give reliable and effective warming, guaranteeing smooth activities and forestalling expensive interferences.

Cooperate with us for a trustworthy and productive Pipeline Electric Heater and Hot runner heater that ensures the ceaseless and safe progression of gasses, even in outrageous atmospheric conditions. Experience the unwavering quality, sturdiness, and accuracy of our warming arrangements, enabling your pipeline tasks with productive and predictable warming capacities.

Pipeline heater


  • How does a Pipeline Electric Heater function?

    Pipeline electric heaters use electrical opposition warming components to produce heat inside the pipeline. These warmers are introduced along the pipeline and keep a predictable temperature to forestall freezing or the development of hydrates, guaranteeing the smooth progression of gasses or fluids.

  • Are Pipeline Electric Heater energy-proficient?

    Present-day electric pipeline heaters are intended for productivity, using trend-setting innovations for ideal energy utilization. They consolidate temperature control systems and protection, limiting energy utilization while giving steady and dependable warming to the pipeline.

  • What is the significance of gas pipeline heaters?

    Gas pipeline heaters are essential for keeping pipelines at the right temperature. They forestall gas buildup or hydrate development, guaranteeing the reliable progression of gasses, particularly in colder environments, forestalling pipeline blockages or functional disturbances.