RTD Sensor

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RTD sensors are used to monitor temperature by changing resistance in a proportionate way to temperature. Both basic temperature components and fully assembled assemblies are used to create RTDs. The components of these ‘RTD probes’ are an RTD sensor element, a housing or sheath, epoxy or filler, extension leads, and occasionally a connector or termination. 


A number of sensor materials are available depending on the customer’s requirements for material compatibility, accuracy, and measuring range. Standard packaging and distinctive designs enable the best RTD temperature sensors as your top-notch RTD sensor supplier and RTD sensor provider. We are also a leading Armor thermocouple manufacturer in the market. 


RTD temperature probes and sensors are what we can use in a wide range of applications across numerous sectors as a renowned RTD sensor supplier and RTD sensor provider. With numerous agency clearances, these temperature sensors can function on board-level components as well as in tough and dangerous environments.

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By measuring the change in resistance of the sensor with respect to temperature, an RTD Sensor is a device that determines the temperature of an application. The resistance of the RTD sensor fluctuates as the temperature changes. It is possible to quantify this change in resistance in order to determine the temperature that the RTD sensor senses. Depending on a certain RTD’s resistance curve. We guarantee the highest quality RTD sensor because we are a well-known RTD sensor supplier and RTD sensor provider.

Pure metals like platinum, copper, or nickel are used to create our RTD Sensor. Due to its extremely convenient use over a wide temperature range, platinum is the preferable material overall. Platinum generates the most precise readings of any metal. The coefficient of resistance has a significant impact on the measuring instrument that measures temperature changes. Based on an increase in resistance, the TCR determines a temperature increase. Our production procedure distinguishes us as your RTD sensor supplier and RTD sensor provider. We believe in persistent efforts because we are a reliable seller of band heaters.