Threaded Cartridge heater

Cartridge heaters are an extraordinarily versatile and durable product that is used to heat a myriad of different processes from heavy industrial – plastics and packaging applications analytical test instruments to being used on aircrafts, railcars and trucks. Cartridge heaters are capable of operating at temperatures of up to 750℃ and achieving watt densities of up to 30 watts per square centimeter. Available from stock or custom manufactured to your individual application need, they are available in many different imperial and metric diameters and lengths with many different style terminations, wattage and voltage ratings.
Cartridge heaters are an excellent choice to use as a conductive source for heating solid metal plates, blocks and dies or as a convective heat source for use in a variety of liquids and gases. Cartridge heaters can be used in a vacuum atmosphere with proper design guidelines.

Item name High power thread cartridge heater
Resistance heating wire Ni-Cr or FeCr
Sheath stainless steel 304,321,316, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 840, Ti
Insulation High-purity Mgo
Maximum temperature 900 degree Celsius
Leakage current 750℃,<0.3mA
Withstand voltage >2KV, 1mins
AC on-off test 2000 times
Voltages available 380V,240V, 220V,110V,36V,24V or 12V
Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%
Thermocouple K type or J type
Lead wire 300mm length; Different type of wire (Teflon/silicone high temperature frberglass) is available



High Quality Threaded Cartridge Heater

Threaded cartridge heater is the uncelebrated yet truly great individuals of various modern and business applications, giving dependable and exact warming arrangements. These strong barrel shaped gadgets, frequently made with treated steel sheaths, gloat a strung plan that guarantees simple establishment and productive intensity move.

Functions And Applications

Here are their functionalities and applications.

Development and Plan

These warmers contain a nickel-chromium opposition wire, encompassed by compacted magnesium oxide protection, encased in a metal sheet normally treated steel. The fuse of a strung component toward one side works with secure mounting inside hardware, molds, platens, and other gear, guaranteeing ideal intensity move and strength during activity.

Adaptable Applications

Threaded cartridge heaters track down their utility across a variety of ventures. From plastic trim and bundling to food handling and aviation, these warmers succeed in keeping up with exact temperatures in different conditions. Due to their capacity to rapidly attain high temperatures and maintain them consistently, they are utilized in a variety of applications, including hot stamping, sealing bars, and die heating.

Accuracy and Productivity

One of the essential benefits of Threaded cartridge heater is their capacity to convey profoundly confined heat in a controlled and productive way. Their minimized size and adjustable watt densities empower exact temperature control, bringing about energy proficiency and cost-adequacy.

In order to meet specific industrial requirements, manufacturers provide a variety of customization options, including a variety of lengths, diameters, wattages, and voltage ratings. Furthermore, particular coatings and materials guarantee similarity with destructive or high-dampness conditions.

Choose Us Your Threaded Cartridge Heater Manufacturer

As a chief threaded cartridge heater manufacturer and Flange tubular heater, Cheri Electrothermal Equipment has practical experience in making top-quality warming answers for different modern necessities. Our cartridge warmers are fastidiously designed for proficiency and toughness, offering exact and dependable warming in different applications.

With an emphasis on development and quality, our items brag for vigorous development and outstanding execution in testing conditions. We highly esteem utilizing state-of-the-art innovation and severe quality control measures, guaranteeing unrivaled craftsmanship and reliable warming arrangements. Pick us as your trusted cartridge heater manufacturer for solid, proficient, and customized warming arrangements, engaging your modern cycles with accuracy and dependability.

Threaded Cartridge heater Threaded Cartridge heater


  • What are the typical applications of threaded cartridge heaters?

    They are utilized in plastic molding, packaging, aerospace, medical equipment, and numerous industrial processes requiring localized heating, such as mold heating, hot stamping, sealing, and more.

  • What are the benefits of using threaded cartridge heaters?

    They offer precise and controllable heating, high-temperature capability, durability, and ease of installation. Their threaded design facilitates straightforward insertion and removal, making maintenance and replacement simpler.

  • What considerations should be taken when selecting a threaded cartridge heater?

    Factors like required wattage, operating temperature, voltage, sheath material (usually stainless steel or other alloys), diameter, length, and threading type should be evaluated based on the specific application’s needs.